3D Printing with ABS and PLA

Feb 02, 2017

ABS and PLA are the basic 3D printer filaments. Here at the Maker Place, we prefer PLA as it is a versatile material that works in nearly every scenario. We still provide ABS as there are some cool things it will do due to the chemical composition of the material.


AKA Polylactic acid

Printing Temperature: 180C-220C (We generally print from 200C-210C).

Heated Bed Temperature: 50C-60C (50C works pretty well for us).

Printing Speeds can be anywhere between 40 – 100 mm/s (We usually use around 50-60 mm/s which gives a good quality vs time tradeoff).

PLA can be brittle, but offers a lot of strength.


AKA Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

*Requires heated enclosure to prevent layer warping*

Printing Temperature: 230C

Heated Bed Temperature: 50C-60C

Printing Speeds: Same as PLA, really depends on the printer.

ABS has a higher temperature resistance than PLA making it a good choice for certain applications.

Example of layer warping:

ABS cracking

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